Can You Put a Deer Mount Outside

Can You Put a Deer Mount Outside? Secrets to Make It Last!

Have you ever gazed at your majestic deer mount and wondered if it could be the centerpiece of your outdoor space? The thought of displaying a testament to your hunting skills under the open sky is tempting. But the pressing question is: can you put a deer mount outside? The answer is yes but with certain precautions. Dive into this guide to discover how to showcase your deer mount outdoors without compromising its longevity.

Tips to Ensure Your Deer Mount Lasts Outdoors

Imagine this: You’ve just stepped into your backyard, the sun is setting, and right there, illuminated by the golden hue, is your majestic deer mount. It’s an outdoor centerpiece, a conversation starter. But to keep it that way, there’s a tad bit of groundwork to do. Let’s dive in.

Sunlight: Not Always Your Deer Mount’s Friend

We all love a bit of sunshine, but your deer mount? Not so much. Too much direct sun can make it look like it’s aged a decade in just a few months.

  • Seek Out the Shade: Maybe there’s that cozy spot under the oak tree or alongside the wall where the sun doesn’t glare down. That’s your deer mount’s new home.
  • No Shade? No Worries: Heard of UV protective sprays? They’re like sunscreen but for your deer mount. Slap some on, and you’re golden.

When Raindrops Keep Falling on Your Mount

It’s romantic when you’re indoors, sipping cocoa. But for your deer mount? A nightmare.

Golden Rule: Keep it dry! Think of a raincoat but for your mount. If it’s going to pour, drape a waterproof cover over it. Or maybe set up a little canopy or umbrella. It’ll thank you for it.

Hot or Cold, Find the Goldilocks Zone

Remember Goldilocks? Not too hot, not too cold, just right. That’s exactly how your deer mount likes it.

  • Sweltering Summers: Might make your mount feel like it’s in a desert. The hide could dry and crack.
  • Freezing Winters: Not the winter wonderland for your mount. The cold can be brutal.

Pro Tip: On particularly harsh days, let your mount vacation indoors. If that’s not an option, think insulation. A thermal cover or a makeshift barrier works wonders.

Location, Location, Location!

It’s not just about real estate. Your deer mount’s location is paramount.

  • Avoid the Hustle and Bustle: Is that spot right where the kids play soccer or near the dog’s favorite digging spot? Maybe not ideal.
  • But Don’t Hide It Away: It’s a showpiece! Let it shine but in a safe nook.

The Perfect Place: Think of a spot where it’s visible, and appreciated, yet away from the daily chaos.

Quick Reference: Challenges & Solutions for Outdoor Deer Mount Display

Avoiding Direct SunlightUV rays causing fadingShade, UV protective sprays/screens
Protecting from MoistureMoisture leading to rotting or moldWaterproof covers, shelters
TemperatureExtremes causing material damageBring inside during extreme weather, insulation
LocationHigh-traffic risks and visibilityBalanced placement for safety and visibility

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Concluding Thoughts: Cherishing Your Deer Mount for Years to Come

Picture this: Years down the line, your grandkids are running around in your backyard, and they stop, eyes wide with awe, looking at your deer mount. “Tell us the story,” they’d say, and you’d recount that unforgettable hunt, the mount still looking as glorious as the day you got it. That’s the dream, right?

Care Isn’t Just About Maintenance; It’s About Memories: Every wipe, every protective measure, every moment you spend caring for your mount is an investment. An investment not just in its physical state, but in the stories and memories it holds.

Wear Your Effort with Pride: That deer mount is a testament to your skill, patience, and the incredible experience of the hunt. It deserves to be showcased. But, just like any treasured artifact, it needs its protective shield. So, go ahead, let it bask in the outdoor glory, but with the shield of precautions you’ve now mastered.

In Closing… Your deer mount is more than just a decorative piece. It’s a piece of your journey, a chapter of your life. And just like any cherished story, it deserves to be preserved, retold, and celebrated for generations to come.

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