Best 20-inch 400 Grain Crossbow Bolts

20 Inch 400 Grain Crossbow Bolts are specifically designed for crossbows and provide the shooter with a powerful bolt that is accurate and has increased penetration. These bolts feature an extra-large diameter, which increases their durability and accuracy. They also have a larger frontal surface area, making them more aerodynamic in flight and increasing their penetration power on impact.

The shafts of these bolts are typically made from carbon fiber or aluminum alloy, both of which offer superior strength without adding too much weight to the overall projectile. Additionally, these bolts come equipped with field points or broadheads for added stopping power when hunting game animals.

If you’re looking for a reliable crossbow bolt that will take your hunting to the next level, then look no further than 20 inch 400 grain crossbow bolts. These bolts have been designed with experienced hunters in mind and are constructed from high-grade carbon fiber to ensure maximum accuracy and penetration on even the toughest game. In addition, the weight of each bolt ensures greater kinetic energy upon impact, providing more power behind each shot.

With these powerful bolts at your disposal, it’s easy to see why so many hunters rely on them for their most successful hunts!

How to Picked the Best Crossbow Bolts

Selecting the best crossbow bolts involves a combination of understanding the technical specifications, user preferences, and real-world performance. Here’s a general guideline on how one might pick the best crossbow bolts:

  1. Purpose of Use: Determine what you’ll be using the bolts for. Is it for target practice, hunting, or competition? Different activities might require different types of bolts.
  2. Material: Bolts can be made from various materials, including aluminum, carbon, and a combination of both. Carbon bolts tend to be lighter and faster, while aluminum bolts are more durable.
  3. Length: The length of the bolt is crucial. Most crossbows will have a recommended bolt length. Using a bolt that’s too short can be dangerous, while one that’s too long might not provide optimal performance.
  4. Weight: The weight of the bolt (measured in grains) affects its flight and penetration. Lighter bolts fly faster but might not have the same kinetic energy as heavier ones. For hunting, a heavier bolt might be preferred for deeper penetration.
  5. Spine (Flexibility): The spine refers to the bolt’s flexibility. A bolt with the right spine will fly straighter. The weight of the broadhead or field point you plan to use can influence the spine you need.
  6. Nock Type: There are several nock types, including flat, half-moon, and lighted nocks. The right nock type will depend on your crossbow’s design.
  7. Fletching: This refers to the vanes on the back of the bolt. They stabilize the bolt during flight. Consider the length, material, and angle of the fletching.
  8. Broadhead Compatibility: If you’re hunting, you’ll need to consider the type of broadhead that’s compatible with your bolt. There are fixed-blade, mechanical, and hybrid broadheads.
  9. Brand Reputation: Some brands are known for producing high-quality bolts. Research reviews and ask for recommendations.
  10. Price: While you shouldn’t skimp on quality, it’s essential to find bolts that offer good value for money.
  11. Real-world Testing: Finally, the best way to determine if a bolt is right for you is to test it. If possible, shoot several bolts to see which ones perform best with your crossbow.

Remember, the “best” crossbow bolt is subjective and depends on individual needs and preferences. Always prioritize s

Choosing the Ultimate Crossbow Bolt!

20-Inch 500 Grain Crossbow Bolts

20-inch 500 grain crossbow bolts are designed to provide optimal performance and accuracy when used with a crossbow. They come in a variety of weights, including 300, 350, 400 and 500 grains.500 grain bolts are the heaviest weight option and offer the most power for long-range shooting. These bolts also feature improved aerodynamics that help them fly more accurately than lighter weight options.

Additionally, 20-inch length is ideal for providing maximum penetration on target animal without sacrificing accuracy or range.

Best 400 Grain Crossbow Bolts

When it comes to choosing the best crossbow bolts for your hunting needs, 400 grain crossbow bolts are a popular choice. Not only do they provide greater accuracy and penetration than lighter arrows, but they also offer better durability and strength due to their heavier construction. Additionally, 400 grain arrows tend to fly further with less wind resistance compared to lighter models, making them ideal for long-distance shooting.

With a quality carbon shaft and an accurate field point tip design, you can be sure that your shot will land exactly where you want it.

Centerpoint 20-Inch Crossbow Bolts

Centerpoint 20-Inch Crossbow Bolts are designed for optimal performance and accuracy. The bolts feature a high quality aluminum shaft that is lightweight yet durable, giving them superior penetration power and accuracy. They also have a 4″ vanes fletching design to provide the best stabilization possible in flight, allowing for greater precision with each shot.

With their 20-inch length and 125 grain weight, these Centerpoint bolts are perfect for use with all crossbows up to 175lbs draw weight.

Cp400 Bolts With Lighted Nocks

Cp400 Bolts with Lighted Nocks are a great new way to add safety and convenience to your archery experience. These bolts are designed to help you quickly identify where your arrow is headed, even in low light conditions. The built-in LED light on the nock of each bolt provides an easy visual reference for aiming and helps prevent accidents by ensuring that no one is ever hit by a stray arrow.

They also provide greater accuracy when shooting at longer distances due their reliable trajectory capabilities. Additionally, they come with batteries included so you can start using them right away without having to purchase additional supplies!

20-Inch 300 Grain Crossbow Bolts

20-Inch 300 Grain Crossbow Bolts are the ideal choice for hunters who want to maximize their accuracy and range. These bolts provide extreme penetration, meaning they can penetrate thick layers of animal hide and bone with ease. The heavy grain weight ensures that your target will be hit more accurately at longer distances, making it perfect for taking down medium sized game animals like deer or elk.

Centerpoint Crossbow Bolts

Centerpoint Crossbow Bolts are an ideal choice for serious crossbow hunters. They are manufactured from high-grade aluminum and feature a half-moon nock design that provides maximum accuracy, penetration, and flight stability. The bolts also come with practice points to reduce your overall cost when practicing or out in the field hunting.

With their quality construction and precision shooting capabilities, Centerpoint Crossbow Bolts will help you get the most out of your hunt each time you head out into the wild!

Best Bolts for Cp400

When it comes to securing Cp400 equipment, the best bolts to use are Grade 8.8 metric hex head bolts. These bolts offer superior strength and durability compared to other types of fasteners, making them ideal for applications that require a lot of tension or torque. They also have an increased corrosion resistance due to their zinc plating, so they can be used in both indoor and outdoor settings without fear of rusting or tarnishing over time.

400 Grain Crossbow Bolts With Lighted Nocks

400 Grain Crossbow Bolts With Lighted Nocks are a great choice for hunters who need to make long shots in low-light conditions. These bolts feature durable construction and provide superior accuracy and penetration, thanks to their heavy weight. The lighted nocks help improve visibility so you can see where the bolt is going even at night or when shooting into shadows.

They also come with replaceable batteries, so you don’t have to worry about running out of power while hunting.

20 Inch 400 Grain Crossbow Bolts


How to Picked the Best Crossbow Bolts

Choosing the right crossbow bolts (also known as arrows) is crucial for ensuring accuracy, safety, and optimal performance when using a crossbow. Here’s a guide to help you pick the best crossbow bolts:

  1. Bolt Length:
    • Always refer to the manufacturer’s recommendation for bolt length. Using bolts that are too short can be dangerous as they might not stay on the rail when fired.
  2. Bolt Weight:
    • Lighter bolts fly faster but may not have as much penetrating power.
    • Heavier bolts might fly slower but can deliver more kinetic energy, leading to deeper penetration.
    • Again, refer to the manufacturer’s recommendation. Using bolts that are too light can damage your crossbow.
  3. Material:
    • Aluminum: Durable and affordable but slightly heavier.
    • Carbon: Lightweight, durable, and often more expensive than aluminum. They are less likely to bend.
    • Hybrid (Aluminum-Carbon): Combines the best of both materials.
  4. Fletching:
    • This refers to the vanes or feathers at the end of the bolt. They stabilize the bolt in flight.
    • Most modern crossbow bolts use plastic vanes, but feathers can be found on some bolts.
    • Ensure the fletching doesn’t interfere with the crossbow’s rail or string.
  5. Nock Type:
    • The nock is the part of the bolt that contacts the string. There are several types, including flat, half-moon, and capture nocks.
    • Always use the nock type recommended by your crossbow’s manufacturer.
  6. Bolt Head/Tip:
    • Field Points: Used for target shooting.
    • Broadheads: Used for hunting. They come in fixed-blade, mechanical, and hybrid designs. Ensure they are sharp and well-aligned.
  7. Spine (Stiffness):
    • The spine refers to the bolt’s flexibility. A bolt’s spine should match the draw weight of the crossbow.
    • A mismatched spine can lead to inaccuracy.
  8. Brands and Reviews:
    • Consider reputable brands known for quality.
    • Read reviews from other users to get insights into performance and durability.
  9. Inspect Before Use:
    • Always inspect bolts for any signs of damage or wear before use. Damaged bolts can be dangerous and inaccurate.
  10. Practice: Even with the best bolts, practice is essential. Regularly practice shooting to get a feel for how your bolts perform.

Remember, always prioritize safety. Ensure you’re using equipment that’s compatible with your crossbow and is in good condition. If in doubt, consult with experts or the manufacturer.

What Grain Bolt Should I Use With My Crossbow?

When selecting a grain bolt for your crossbow, it is important to consider both the draw weight of your bow and the speed of your arrow. For example, if you are using a lighter draw weight, then you will want to select a bolt with fewer grains in order to maximize accuracy and minimize drop over distance. Conversely, if you have a heavy draw weight on your bow then you may require more grain bolts in order to ensure that the arrow has enough power behind it for powerful penetration at longer distances.

Additionally, depending on how fast or slow your arrows travel when released from the string of the crossbow, different grain weights may be better suited for achieving maximum accuracy and precision when shooting out farther ranges. Ultimately, selecting an appropriate grain bolt should depend largely on what type of shooting situation you plan on utilizing most often with your crossbow so that it can be tailored towards providing optimal performance under those conditions.

Are Shorter Crossbow Bolts Better?

Shorter crossbow bolts may be better in some situations, depending on what you are using them for. For example, shorter bolts tend to be more accurate as they create less wind resistance and can travel straighter than longer bolts. They also require less energy to propel, making them easier and faster to reload.

Additionally, because the arrowhead is closer to the front of the bolt, it creates a tighter grouping when shot from a higher draw weight bow. However, there are drawbacks with shorter arrows too; they generally have lower penetration power due to increased drag caused by their smaller size so if your target is larger or tougher then you may want a thicker bolt. Ultimately it depends on what kind of shooting you’re doing so it’s important that you consider your needs before deciding which length is best for you!

What is the Best Length for Crossbow Bolts?

The best length for crossbow bolts typically ranges between 16 to 22 inches, depending on the draw weight of your crossbow. Bolts that are too short will reduce the accuracy and power of a shot, while bolts that are too long may make it difficult to load into the bow. If you’re using a higher-powered crossbow with more draw weight (150 lbs or greater), then longer bolts in the 20 inch range can be used for increased penetration and arrow speed.

In addition, lighter powered crossbows should use shorter arrows such as 16-inch carbon fiber arrows for better accuracy and easier handling when reloading. Ultimately, the best length for your specific needs depends on what type of shooting you plan to do with your bow and how powerful it is.

What are the Heaviest Crossbow Bolts?

The heaviest crossbow bolts available on the market today typically weigh between 425 and 600 grains. Heavier bolts can be found, but they are not as common. Heavier weight arrows will have better penetration power, making them a great choice for hunting larger game.

However, heavier arrows require more draw force to fire and can cause increased wear-and-tear on your crossbow so should generally be avoided unless absolutely necessary.


In conclusion, 20 inch 400 grain crossbow bolts are an ideal choice for any hunter or archer looking to maximize their accuracy and power. These bolts are made of durable materials, which make them capable of withstanding the force of a crossbow for many years. They offer exceptional performance and accuracy, making it easier than ever to get accurate shots in even the most challenging hunting situations.

With so many advantages over traditional arrows, there is no reason not to give these bolts a try!

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