How to Draw Deer Antlers

To draw a deer antler, start by sketching an oval on the top of the head. Inside this oval, make four circles to form the base of each tine. From there, draw two lines that curve outward from each circle and then come back in towards the center.

Make sure these lines are proportional to one another; they should look like crescents or half-moons. Once all four tines are drawn outwards, add details inside them such as bumps and ridges along their length. Finally erase any unnecessary lines and you have your deer antlers!

  • Begin by sketching two curved lines on the top of your deer’s head to form the basic shape of the antlers
  • Make sure that the curves are slightly angled outward from each other and meet at a point in the middle
  • Add volume to your antlers by drawing several more curved lines radiating out from either side of where they meet, forming small points along both sides
  • Draw additional details such as bumps, ridges, and cracks around each tine or branch to add realism and character to your drawing
  • Be sure to give them subtle variations in size and angle so that they look naturalistic instead of symmetrical or uniformed
  • Finally, shade in areas between all these lines to complete the illusion of depth within your antlers and make them look three-dimensional on paper!

How to draw DEER ANTLER Easy

How Do You Draw Realistic Deer Antlers?

When drawing realistic deer antlers, the best approach is to start with the outside shape of the antler and work your way in. Begin by sketching out a basic outline of what you’d like your finished product to resemble. Next, add in details such as ridges and curves that will form the tines of each branch.

Once you’ve established these general outlines, begin shading them lightly for texture and depth. Don’t forget about adding shadows and highlights where appropriate as well; this will further help create a more lifelike appearance. Finally, use an eraser to refine edges and create subtle variations throughout your work until you’re happy with the end result!

How Do You Make Easy Antlers?

Making antlers is an easy and fun craft that can be done with materials found around the house. To create your antlers, simply take two cardboard tubes (such as paper towel rolls) and cut them into desired shapes. Then, use hot glue to attach them together at the base.

You can also wrap a string or yarn around the middle of the antlers for added texture and dimension. Finally, paint or decorate your antlers however you like! If you’re feeling extra creative, try using felt sheets to add details such as fur patterns on your finished product.

With just a few simple steps, you’ll have homemade antlers in no time!

How Do You Draw a Reindeer Horn Easy?

Drawing a reindeer horn is a relatively easy task that can be accomplished in just a few steps. Begin by sketching out the shape of the horn with an even, curved line. Draw two more curved lines to form the base and tip of the horn, making sure they meet at equal angles at each end.

Add some smaller lines radiating from the center to give it texture and dimension. Finally, use shading techniques such as hatching or cross-hatching to further add depth and realism to your drawing. With these tips in mind, you’ll have no trouble creating your own realistic-looking reindeer horns!

How Do You Draw a Realistic Deer Step by Step?

When drawing a realistic deer, it is important to pay attention to the details. Start by sketching out the basic shape of the head and body of the deer. Next, add in details such as antlers and facial features like eyes, nose, mouth and ears.

After this is done, refine your lines to make them more accurate and lifelike. You can also add some shading for depth with pencils or pens. Finally, use colors to make your deer appear even more realistic – you can bring out highlights on its fur or give it a glossy sheen using colored pencils or markers!

How to Draw Deer Antlers



In conclusion, drawing deer antlers can be a fun and creative way to express yourself. With the help of this guide, you now have the tools needed to create your own realistic or stylized antler drawings. Whether you’re an experienced artist or just starting out in sketching, these steps will provide a solid foundation for creating beautiful artworks with incredible detail.

So grab your pencils and get ready to draw some impressive antlers!

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